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During our 5 day interactive creative holiday camps we sing, dance, act, craft, play and, at the end of the week, perform a show. Our early years holiday camps for 3 to 5 year olds are child centred and we let them create characters and develop their own story. Young children love our performing arts weeks as they are focused around their interests and talents. At the end of the week they will perform for friends and family in the theatre,


The week helps build confidence, communication skills, creativity and cooperation.  The children work as a team and the holiday camp encourages imagination as well as supporting speaking and listening skills. 


The timing for each day is 10am - 4pm, with an early drop off option from 8.30am. Check our booking page for exact dates.

We generally have a final showing of work for family and friends at the end of the week at 3.15pm.


Sandringham School, The Ridgeway

St Albans, AL4 9NX

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Early Years Holiday Camps

Ages 3 - 5

Create, play and make a musical in just five days


Ages 3 - 5 

Too old? Check out our Musical Theatre Holiday Camps.


£180 for a full week.

Sibling and multi week booking discounts available.

Childcare vouchers accepted.


Find all holiday camps currently available to book below.

Chloe 's Mum

"I just wanted to say a massive thank you for putting on the show this weekend. Chloe absolutely loved it and being on the ‘big stage’.


Can you also pass on my huge huge thanks to Beckie. She is amazing in what she does with all the kids (Chloe absolutely loves her!)"

Best Beginners Holiday Camps


We help to develop co-ordination, rhythm and balance with fun, simple choreography that is incorporated into the performance at the end of the week. We aim to foster a joy of moving with exercises and games like music improvisation and animal study. 

Best Beginners Holiday Camps


With our Best Beginners holiday camps, we use imaginative play, crafts, games, and storytelling to learn through drama. Together, we create scripts and characters for the show at the end of the week, where every little star will join the older performers on a big stage with their very own line (or lines!) and opportunity to shine. 

Best Beginners Holiday Camps


In our song sessions, we encourage every little performer to find their voice and sing out! We play with silly warmups, tongue twisters and rhymes before creating numbers for the big show, learning about diction, articulation and listening along the way. 


Ages 3 - 5

Monday 8 - Friday 12 April 2024

Sandringham School

During our 5 day interactive camp we will sing, dance, act, craft, play and, at the end of the week, perform a magical new musical inspired by the music of ABBA and built around the talents, input and interests of our cast for family and friends at The Sandpit Theatre.


Too old? Check our Musical Theatre Camps for ages 6 - 16 here.


Ages 3 - 5

Sandringham School, St Albans

WEEK 1: Monday 29 July - Friday 2 August 2024
‘Dream Works’:

Our Week 1 Summer Camp Attendees will sing, dance, act, craft, play, and create a brand-new musical inspired by the movies of DreamWorks, think Madagascar, Trolls, Kung Fu Panda, and Shrek. At the end of the week, we’ll present a spectacular show of our own making to family and friends at The Sandpit Theatre.   

WEEK 2: Monday 5 August - Friday 9 August 2024

Join us for our historic Week 2 Summer Camp, where we’ll step back in time to create an original musical inspired by shows like Six, Les Misérables and, of course, Hamilton. To conclude 5 days of singing, dancing, and acting, crafting, dressing up, and outdoor fun, we’ll perform our new piece to family and friends at The Sandpit Theatre.  

WEEK 3: Monday 12 August - Friday 16 August 2024
‘Pop Fiction':

During our Week 3 Summer Camp, we’ll sing, dance, and act, using our camp attendees’ favourite pop songs and artists as our inspiration. Along the way, we’ll craft, dress up, play outside, and create a new musical to perform to family and friends at the end of the week at The Sandpit Theatre. 

Too old? Check our our Best Musical Theatre Summer Camps here. 

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