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Ages 8 - 18


Expert one-to-one coaching in developing your young person's singing and vocal technique.


Tailored to serve the needs, abilities and interests of the individual student, classes include training in posture, breathing, vocal health, and projection and use material from a variety of styles, from musical theatre to pop, classical to folk.


Classes are suitable for both young people who are right the start of their vocal journey and those with more experience, who are looking to improve more specific aspects of the skill or prepare for auditions. 



Lessons are 30 minutes long and take place between 1700 - 2100 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in St Albans and between 0900 - 1400 on Saturdays in Ware.


Sandringham School, The Ridgeway

St Albans, AL4 9NX or Southern Maltings Arts Centre, Kibes Lane, Ware, SG12 7BS

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Private Singing Lessons

Ages 7 - 17

One to one vocal coaching

Isobel 's Mum

We just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the team at Best. 

Yesterday, we watched Isobel in her school Christmas play- she had to audition for the part she wanted. She took the audition very seriously and learnt her piece off by heart. She got the role she wanted! She sang with such enthusiasm. We thought you’d like to know about how all the skills you teach at Best filter through to other places too! 


Age 7 - 17

Too young? Check out our Best Beginners Course. Want to expand your musical theatre training? Check out our Best School of Musical Theatre


Termly fee of £270 split into four instalments of £67.50 a month. Childcare vouchers accepted.


Join the waiting list below. If and when spaces are available, we will be in touch to let you know which times we have free.

Private Singing Lessons


Basic to advanced singing technique to help you reach your full vocal potential, including posture, placement and development of range and tone. 

Private Singing Lessons

Vocal Health

Learning the correct alignment and breath support to keep our voices healthy while singing, alongside day-to-day and show time maintenance like warm ups , cool downs and other vocal care.

Private Singing Lessons


Exploration of a variety of vocal and performance styles, learning the key characteristics of each and how to authentically perform pieces from country to classical.

Meet The Team

Best Private Singing Lessons

We hire skilled, committed and family orientated theatre professionals

with a real passion for teaching. We value consistency and a progressive, structured approach. We know that it is Best’s responsibility to provide the framework in which the teachers can thrive – loving what they do and being able to pass that enjoyment in bucket loads on to the students.


Born and raised in Malta, Amy trained in musical theatre from the tender age of three, with the initial stage school she attended being her entryway into theatre. Amy then went on to train in Classical Voice with ABRSM. She is a Musical Theatre and Dance Teacher Training graduate from MPAA which works along the ISTD and is now part of the University of West London. Alongside her teaching career, Amy has been and is currently a working performer with her last contract just finishing last year. 


As a performer who still attends classes, I love to bring what I learn myself to my classes to make sure they’re as current as possible. My teaching style is very student focused with my main aim being to build up student’s performance skills and confidence at a bespoke level. While I believe that technique and skill is extremely important, my main aim for my classes is to create a safe space for them to grow and be the best version of themselves.

St Albans Singing Teacher

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Molly Tello.jpeg

Ware Singing Teacher


Molly started performing at the age of 3 beginning with Ballet and since then has always known it was her love and passion. She began her career not long after in TV and Film, such as Holby City, Eastenders and Ali G The Movie, and hasn’t stopped since, always rehearsing for at least one show at a time.

Working at Best is Molly’s weekly get away and bundle of happiness who says, “I love nothing more than watching the students at Best grow as not only performers but individuals too. I am proud to have worked as Bests Hertford singing teacher for over a year now and plan to stay for many years to come. Without the stage, life would be a whole lot duller.”

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